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Thread: USB Drive can't hold a certain amount of games

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    USB Drive can't hold a certain amount of games

    So I have a 32GB USB drive and I've used both WBFS Manager 3.0/3.0.1 and Wii Backup Manager to add the games to it, now I'm guessing the problem with it is, is that when it hits a certain amount of GB of games on the drive the transfer speed will start to speed up to an amount where it messes the games up and all of the games after that continue to mess up. It comes out with partition: ?? and IOS: 0. Does anyone have any idea what the problem is as I can only get 1-3 games on there depending on size before the ones after that start screwing up.

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    for a 32gb usbHDD, wbfs-formatted, it's capable to store 8~12 games.
    are u running into problem with FAT/NTFS formatted ?

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    Well I have it formatted as FAT32, not sure if there's any other recommended File System I should use, what would you recommend?

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    I would start by doing a full format on the drive (not a quick format) to FAT32. Strange you say it is formatted to fat32, I thought WBFS Manager only used wbfs format... Either way, do the format and use WiiBackup Manager to try loading the games again. Are you certain the rips of your games are good?

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    Sorry I should of pointed that out before, I've had it formatted as FAT32 and then used WBFS manager to make it WBFS, but that gives the same result than using Wii Backup Manager and it being FAT32. I'm currently giving it a full format, I can't figure out for the life of me what the problem is with it, it seems when I get about 12GB worth of games on there it decides to no longer transfer properly on both applications.

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    WHOLELY wbfs-format ur tiny harddisk and repeat the ISOs transfer.


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