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Thread: Someone help me please

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    Question Someone help me please

    Hope you can help me with my prob.................
    Installed twighlight hack no probs didnt brick my wii, prob comes when i`ve donloaded iso files i get them onto my comp use IMGBURN to burn but when i put burned disc into wii and use gamma disc loader to load disc all that happens is disc spins and just clicks and screen stays black and every so often a white flash goes across the screen. Has anyone got any ideas how to help???? ps using memorex dvd-r x16 discs. Please help me.

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    try a different game, odds are its a problematic game

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    This may help as i just had the same thing happen to me.Press 'Launch disc' then press B .Mine came up with 'load with hooks' then restarted i then went back to 'launch disc' and it then launched it.
    Funny thing is i now have the game icon showing on the home page where before when it would load without using hooks there would be no icon just a spinning disc.
    I,m on 3.4e and using very cheap discs. (Tevion 25 for a fiver)
    If your still having probs burning them and wasting cash PM me
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    thanks alot i`ll try that in a bit and let you know. cheers. i`m running 3.2u downgraded from 3.3u


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