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Thread: Guitar Hero DLC hacks vWii

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    Guitar Hero DLC hacks vWii

    Im trying to figure this out. I know there is the normal DLC hacks that work on normal wii. I tried doing the same DLC hacks to my softmodded vWii and they dont apply well.

    Like they install fine like they normally do. But you get errors from the in game shop when you download them, basically a you cant download due to network error download. But these errors happen every time you go to download, and it's not sporadic (with all the wads installed)

    After fiddling with wads installing a few wads
    i do manage to download one when i go to play the DLC, it freezes the wii so i have to hard reset

    So far, i uninstalled the wads and bought songs and had 0 problems.
    Is there any new wads?

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    We don't support piracy. DLC is supposed to be purchased. You won't get any assistance from us on this. Please refer to the forums rules for proper conduct in forums.

    Closing thread.
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