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Thread: Xenoblade Chronicles freeze problem

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    Xenoblade Chronicles freeze problem

    hi everyone,not sure if this is the right place for this.If its not im sorry.

    I have been having really bad freeze issues with Xenoblade Chronicles. At first it was randomly freezing during cut scenes,so i got a new clean rip of the game and it seemed to work fine for a few hours. So i load the game up today and now it locks up at the loading screen after i load my game.I tried everything to fix this problem like updating my cIOS,and updating my loaders.But it still freezes at the loading screen..
    my set up is..
    -wii 4.3u
    -d2x cIOS v8
    -I mainly use usb loader gx,but i tried others too and it still freezes..
    -i used this guide to mod my wii
    -i use a 160gig external hdd,(every other game i tried works fine)

    if anyone can help me on this issue it would be amazing,i dont want to give up on the is game yet..

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    You "got a new clean rip of the game"? Meaning you ripped it with CleanRip or.....?

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    never mind,i fixed the the mods can delete this.
    I just transferred the file as a ISO instead of a wbfs file. now it works flawless


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