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Thread: i made a huge mistakes with my wii

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    i made a huge mistakes with my wii

    white wii 4.3u softmoded with letter bomb but i modded it wrong because now i cant seem to get into bootmii and all my ios are disabled and everytime i use dopmii it crashes with a code dump(i think its called that)...
    i use a usb not a sd card
    i kind of want to restart fresh and just follow the softmoding guide thats is provided from this site.
    thanks for the help

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    Please be aware of where your posting, cause you posted in a thread that was for system checks and you didn't provide one.

    Also, you will need to give more info on your system...

    1.) Does your system load to the wii menu?
    2.) What Guide did you use?
    3.) Explain what you exactly did.
    4.) Do you have an sd card?

    EDIT: Our Guide requires a Sd card to do the soft mod, please do get one.

    Thread Closed! Please do not make multiple Post/Threads for the same problem.
    For this reason I will be Closing this thread.

    This is your thread in which yiou are being helped in.Link->jay's Wii
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