First,The 3ds is not recommanded.Nintendo,the beginning of the published performance of powerful,
but now every performance were not mature enough.T
he biggest selling point of 3ds is the Naked eye 3D,but now is not mature enough.Many people will dizziness by this feture.
If you turn off the 3D will be exposed the insufficiency.The 3ds overrall functioning very general.
The 3ds major consider innovative advantage,no matter now increasingly.
3DS sales in Europe and the United States and Japan,now is not good.In fact,I personally think that the emergence of this 3DS was just an attempt.Lack of performance
is the biggest drawback.Of course, if you are like Mario and Zelda pocket,the 3ds is your first choice.PSV is the most cost-effective handheld device at
the moment.Extremely high processing capacity,EL display and High-Resolution...looks very strong(true in fact),of course,it also has a lot of ills.European
and american game masterpieces are too little as well as innovative.Portable softwares will shrink...attractiveness will sharply decline.As for playing psp games
,only a part of the game is compatible.The CPU and GPU only have half of the performance of ps3.The two are no longer a notch.
WiiU in fact,strictly speaking is not a handheld device.Handheld screen can not be separated from the host.Wii u's performance is higher than the other two.
But Wii U is less attractive,The main reasons are theses.
1. First-party masterpiece too little;
2.Other 3rd-party works,the two can play too and the The somatosensory is same.
So I like the psv.