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Thread: Starfall failed me?

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    Starfall failed me?

    3.2u, followed, didn't do anything different than what it said.

    I press b+1 and either nothing happens or a new screen saying
    exiting ..."

    Anyone halp?

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    Read the disclaimer CAREFULLY. Helpful info in there...

    If you did, keep doing it. It doesn't work every time.
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    "the author can not be held responsible for any damages this tool might cause it comes without and warrenties!!! INSTEAD OF 2 PRESS 1"

    At the bottom "OTHERWISE PRESS B+2 to continue, think twice!

    Unless it's trying to trick you on purpose, its saying press b+1 or 1 or b+1+2

    Which, none work.

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    Yeah, I noticed you did press the right buttons. I edited my post. Keep trying it.

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    Been doing this the past 10 minutes or so, same results?

    Do i need to do something else?

    +Load Starfall with Homebrew Channel.
    If you read the disclaimer carefully, you will see you are instructed to press B+1 and not B+2. Press B+1 until you get to the next
    screen. It is very picky so dont be surprised if you have to keep pressing it a number of times.
    At the next screen the most important things to install are the last 3 options. Many people like to just install everything which
    is okay too.

    +Run cIOS Installer in Homebrew Channel.
    This installs the IOS needed by the launcher

    Do i need to install cIOS first before starfall?

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    Did a little googlin' and I read that starfall can only be used on E, not U
    can't install starfall - Digital World

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    It can be install on only 3.2E and 3.2U. It should work.

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    I was wondering about this Starfall thing, I've heard good things, seems like a legit program, but I was wondering if it supports burnt game playing?

    Like, download the iso of the game you want, and mount it, pop it in and play? Or is that only for chips?

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    Been doing this B+1 crap for an hour or so, same results, "Failed, exiting..."


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