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Thread: SaveGame Manager GX for vWii

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    SaveGame Manager GX for vWii

    Savegame Manager GX r127 - for vWii ONLY!

    A SaveGame & Mii Manager for the vWii with GUI based on LibWiiGui by Tantric, WiiXplorer and UsbLoaderGx sources.

    • SDHC and USB2 support
    • USB support FAT, NTFS and EXT2FS
    • Official saves support (data.bin)
    • Protected saves support
    • Mii Support
    • Multilanguage support
    • Custom Font support
    • SaveGame download
    • WiiTDB support
    • Display informations about Savegames in a special window
      (Name, Subname, ID, BlockSize, Icon)
    • Display informations about Miis in a special window
      (Name, Creator, Date, Gender, Favorite Color)
    • Extract, Install, Delete, Copy, Move fonctions are available
    • Custom Background Music support (AIF/MP3/OGG/BNS/WAV)
    • Online AutoUpdate
    • Homebrew Browser
    • Channel Browser
    • WiiLoad .dol receiver
    • Widesreen support
    • ScreenSaver

    Source HERE
    Download HERE

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    Looks good mate.

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    Hi. This seems so cool. Would this work to edit saved game files like to hack them? Thanks.

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    This is not a hacking app if that's what you mean.
    You will need another program to edit the save data itself.


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