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Thread: Help with USB Loader GX

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    Help with USB Loader GX

    I installed the wiimc channel yesterday and everything seemed good. the strange this is today when I went to usb loader gx there were some blank covers, which was weird because i did not add any new games. The blank covers are channels for (netflix, [COLOR=#009900 !important]hulu[/COLOR], youtube...). And it's only in usb loader gx not wiiflow. Do you have any idea why this happened? How do I fix this?

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    If u just want to get rid of them then the fourth icon from the left allows u to select what u can view ie games, gc games, homebrew and emu nand

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    To add to that, those channels may be displaying from your nand or your emunand.

    I don't think they will work from your emu nand so you may want to uninstall them in your laoder. Check this by changing the view as described to show only emunand and delete whatever you don't want that doesn't work. (it's nice to keep VC and wii ware stuff on your emunand that you can play)

    If they are on your nand you probably don't want to delete them so you can still use them from your system menu. Just uncheck the nand option and these will not display in the loader.

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    What caused this to happen after I installed the WiiMc Channel?


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