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Thread: Wii doesn't detect HDD - weird!

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    Wii doesn't detect HDD - weird!

    Ok So I recently got homebrew channel on my wii and managed to get usb loader GX (or something along those lines) and something like CFG - I can't remember their names but i think they're well known USB loaders. Anyway, I was advised to buy a HDD and I did. Ii formatted it to NTFS and plugged it into the wii and it doesn't seem to be detected at all. It's weird because my pen drive (2 GB) - I also did the same thing with - works perfectly on the wii, but the Hard drive just seems to turn on and off and isn't detected by the wii. It migh also be useful to know that when i put the Hard drive in the wii first, it worked for about 2-3 minutes, then suddenly stopped.

    Any ideas guys?


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    This is a fail post. We actually have a little known thing called GUIDE or GUIDES (plural) and we support them. You post talks a lot, but doesn't say very much. If you had made an Intro like those pesky site rules you accepted (and apparently, didn't read) recommend, you'd have received what we traditionally give new users (namely links).


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