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Thread: Question about dumping....

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    Question about dumping....

    This is what Im using: DVD Dumper Channel and Opera browser.

    This is what Im dumping: Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Lightsaber

    This is my problem: Ive attempted this dump 3 times with the exact same results. It gets to 99% and shows error in Opera's transfer tab. DVD dumper shows everything was successful and says "OK". In the properties of the ISO the size is: 4.37 GB (4,699,979,775 bytes) Then right below that the Size on disk is: 4.37 GB (4,699,979,776 bytes).

    When I try and burn it with nero ( the absolute latest version) it prompts me about the size being off and wants to know if I wana correct it or just ignore. Im not sure what to do to correct it so I ignore and burn.......

    RESULTS: The game burns and plays in the Wii,(As far as I can tell because my son hasnt played the whole game).

    Now to the question after all of that..... I dont believe it will, but will this have any Ill results? Im not completely new to all of this but from all of my reading (its been a ton) I know there are some very smart people on this site who I would trust. I would really appreciate some input. A simple yes or no will do but if anyone has any thoughts of why this one game finishes with error, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to all in advance and keep up the great work here!!


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    i havent done/tried the opera method -act never herd about it- but why not use dvd extract tool-from gecko-right to pc? im fairly new to this but got it right on my first try using this method. as far as burning method i def. would use image burn. its a much simpler program and its free! google for it as far as the iso file both lines should read 4,699,979,776 so i would imagine at some point the game will freeze on you hope this helps good luck

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    There is nothing different about my method. Opera is simply the browser I use and I stick by it! ImgBurn is kool and all but Ive got the latest version of Nero (which does MUCH more then ImgBurn) and it didnt cost me a cent. Ive dumpd more then enough games, I was just curious about the tiny little difference in file size. The game has now been playd by myself and my son with abosolutely no problems. Thanks for you input though.



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