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Thread: Using Online Features [Mario Kart]

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    Using Online Features [Mario Kart]

    I hacked my Wii, my friends Wii's a while back but i did their wii's at my house on my network using Letterbomb. So obviously the Online Features for Mario Kart never worked at their houses.

    I just re-hacked my friends Wii with the Bannerbomb hack method as she has 4.1E system, the hack went fine, i connected to the online features at my house, she then took it home and tried to play online but after the first race its kicked her off the online races.

    Anyone know whats causing this or a way to fix this, id be grateful. Mine works fine at my house, we have no issue with it at all. However my system was hacked with Letterbomb and the System Menu downgraded from 4.3 > 4.1.

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    It shouldn't matter how you hacked it. Mario Kart should work online fine. Problem is likely unrelated to the hack. Try it from the original disc to see if its works.

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    Shouldn't cause an issue unless she's cheating. What error code is she getting?
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    Quote Originally Posted by WandaRage View Post
    she then took it home and tried to play online but after the first race its kicked her off the online races.
    Yep, definitely sounds like a cheat ban to me. Either that or a straight-up network issue. Can she play any other games online?
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    She sent me a picture of the error.

    Communication Error. You have been disconnected from Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.
    For help, visit

    Error Code: 91010


    My Mario Kart disk was damaged beyond repair, but all my Games are backed up onto an external HDD. Mine plays from a HDD and works perfectly fine.

    Her Mario Kart original Disk is at her dads house, she backed up hers onto HDD like me incase of Disk Damage but also so she could play the game at home and at her dads without having to carry around all the Wii stuff, she lives a distance from her dad and doesnt see him that often so she cant get the original disk. She could borrow her friends disk to see if it changes anything or she can wait till she next see's her dad and bring it back with her.

    So im just non the wiser here. As far as i can tell her Network settings were correct, i will go round and check later but im sure its not that. It seems strange she can play 1 race and then gets DC'd.

    EDIT: Would like to point out this is the first time she's tried playing online from her house on her Wii with her version of Mario Kart. Usually she plays with me at mine on my Wii and we never have any issues what so ever. As for the cheating accusations who would honestly cheat at Mario Kart? its the easiest game on the planet.
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    Thank you, i did see the Friends Code thing when i googled it, but she only had her License on the menu so im assuming she has no friends on her friends list. I'll double check that, must be the router's wireless range not reaching her Wii.

    However its like 20 steps away from the router, so i cant see that being the issue. I'll check her settings next time i go round, thanks alot!

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    sort of along these lines, what about using the mario kart channel?

    i tried launching it from my emu and in USB loader gx and it reboots the console.

    When I try to launch from system menu it asks for the disc. Any way around this to load from USB?

    I will probably try a backup disc, maui frogs guide leaves the wii able to play mkwii backup disc from disc channel. My original already has been scratched before but I was able to repair

    edit: I forgot the channel is also in the game. seems to work fine through USB if you use it from in the game.
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    Mario Kart Channel is not working for the online tournaments when Running from USB and going to the chAnnel in game. Has anyone else tried this? It tells me their is no tournament when I try.

    I have the mario kart channel installed on my system menu and it works from there but requires me to insert the disc to play. When following Maui frogs guide mario kart disc backups will play natively from the disc channel (only certain games work like this, other backups have to be launched from a loader, but Mario Kart definitely works like this). So it seems the only way to enter these tournaments is to use a disc backup if I want to keep my original safely stored away from the destructive children.


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