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Thread: SNEEK/UNEEK +DI questions

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    SNEEK/UNEEK +DI questions

    I am trying to figure out if these are something I would like to try but I find very little info on it. It doesn't seem there is any current guides around here on this subject (is it old/outdated?).

    I am currently using USB Loader GX with my emunand and it mostly works great. What advantages/disadvantages would UNEEK have over this setup?

    From what I have been able to gather UNEEK would run my system menu from my emunand. Would this mean that I boot directly to this or would I still have to access UNEEK from my regular system menu? Would I have all my emunand games available right on my system menu (instead of having to launch my loader to access them). Would my Wii and gamecube USB games be on my system menu too or would I still have to access them through the loader?

    I know SNEEK and UNEEK are basically the same except the first is from SD card and the second is from USB.

    +DI is still not completely clear to me. I think it eliminates the need for the loader and launches the games from USB but it disables your disc drive (so you have to rip any game before you play it? can you still rip it if +DI has disabled your disc drive?)

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    Advantages :
    - No harm can come to the real, original NAND.
    - You can have as many emunands you want.
    - Can boot straight to your emunand depending on how you set it up.
    - Redirects all DVD drive calls to the USB drive, which means you can play games you've ripped off your USB drive.

    Disadvantages :
    - Slower than the real, original NAND.
    - Can be confusing to set it up if it's your first time attempting to use it.

    The +DI module is that part that allows it to read/launch/play games from the SD card/USB drive, as I listed in the advantages list, it redirects all DVD calls to the external device used. You have to rip your games outside of the emunand.


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