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Thread: Getting my wii softmods up to date

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    Getting my wii softmods up to date

    Hi all,

    I have an early Wii, running 3.2E.
    Originally hard modded with Yaosm, then soft modded and used USB loader GX without problems for a couple of years.
    Not switched on my Wii for a year or so, now wanting to use it a bit and add a few more games to my hard drive.

    Wondering what I need to do to get everything up to date (if anything). Not sure how things have moved on here!

    As I said, the system menu is 3.2E.
    HBC is showing as 1.0.6 IOS61 v19.26.
    I have done a NAND backup in the past, think I still have it on my PC somewhere, need to check!
    I think priiloader has been installed in the past, but it was a long time ago so canít be sure!

    Sorry itís a bit of a long question, it was a long time ago when I did any mods, and really canít remember much/anything about it!

    Many Thanks in advance

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    thanks and sorry!
    I did look there but..

    I was viewing on my mobile and the spoilers in that thread were not displaying at all, so 'update any existing softmod' was not visable at all.

    Thanks again

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    Yep. The Softmod Any Wii guide is your friend. With a System Menu of 3.2 it's best to just remod it and get 100% up-to-date.

    Follow the guide linked from Nightstah. Follow it to a tee. When it says Read Chapter 2 three or more times, then read it three or more times. When it says Verify Checksums, then verify checksums.

    Any single step, no matter how trivial it may seem, can mean the difference between "Wooohooo look at that blubber fly..." and "Doh!" Take the time, do it right, and enjoy the benefits of having a flipping awesome Wii!
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    Western Digital 500 GB MyBook USB Hard Drive (WDBAAF5000EBK-00)
    Link to my SysCheck [/spoiler]
    [spoiler="Required Reading"]
    The Basics
    Softmod ANY Wii
    WiiHacks Tutorial Forums
    If all else fails...

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    Thanks for the polite reply.
    I completed the guide last night, took about 30 mins.
    Everything seemed to go fine as far as i could tell.

    Many Thanks
    (i'll be back in 2 years to ask the same again!)


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