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Thread: Hello Everyone! not sure what im doing.

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    Exclamation Hello Everyone! not sure what im doing.

    Hi there, people. My name's Emily and i just got a wii 4.3u that had a previous user. i used hackmii and letter bomb to soft-mod it a couple days ago, and since then its been one roadblock after another. i haven't been using one guide to do this because it seems like every step by step tutorial i look up is outdated and isn't applicable. i basically am just trying to play burned backup games on my wii, and after some research, it seems that installing neogamma is where its at for that, but I'm completely lost on how to do so. i have wad manager, bootmii, and homebrew on my wii now, but idk how to use anything and i keep getting errors. if anyone could send me a link or explain any of this to me, i'd really appreciate it. i feel very stupid about not being able to figure this out, but with ur help maybe i can make this thing work.

    P.S. I hope im not posting this in the wrong spot or something but this is the first time I've attempted to post in a forum, so my bad if im messing up.

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    Our guide is kept current. We recommend you follow it. A link to the Softmod Any Wii guide is in my signature.

    As for playing burned games, the system has to be old enough to have the hardware capable of reading those disks. Newer systems won't be able to. We sugguest USB Loading as a substitute. You can store your library on a hard drive and play everything without needing to swap out any disks.

    And your first post, talking about yourself and your modding experience, is in exactly the right spot. Others will most likely reply after me with additional links and things for you to read. But I figure that I'd chime in and get you started on the right path.
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    Thanks so much! really helped me out. now i wont have to waste anymore disks!! lol

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    Please be aware of where you are posting your questions.

    This forum is only for Introductions.

    Thank You.


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