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Thread: Softmodded Wii - Problem with the remote working

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    Question Softmodded Wii - Problem with the remote working

    On Saturday night I followed Mauifrogs' Softmod any Wii Guide perfectly. I had no problems and everything went perfect. Tonight I turned on my Wii for the first time since finishing my softmodding, with my HDD ready to play some games, and it opened the system menu with the white background and the blocks for channels (forgive me, I'm still new when it comes to Wii). But my remote isn't responding with the pointer showing up on the screen, or does the Cross buttons respond when I push them. The only buttons that respond are the (-) and (+) to go through the screens of empty blocks and the Home Button takes me to the Remote Settings page, and all I can do on that page is hit the Home button again to take me to my original screen.

    I hope this is something simple that will make me laugh in the end, but I am really lost on this problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Could you have accidentally unplugged your sensor bar? Do you have another Wiimote to test?

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    I only received one Wiimote, and my sensor bar is plugged in and I even moved it around, in case the spot I had chosen wasn't working.

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    As a check to see if the sensor bar is working, power up the Wii and aim a digital camera at the sensor bar. Looking through the digital view screen, you should see several red dots that you cannot see with the naked eye. If you don't, then your sensor bar is faulty and needs replacement.
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    I will try that tomorrow. The sensor bar was working during the soft modding, and it seems odd that it doesn't work now. Thank you for the help. I hope this is the problem.

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    Thanks everyone, it was the sensor. I had it switched out at the game store I bought my Wii at.


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