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Thread: Wiikey2 w/Wii-clip v14 Eject Issue

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    Unhappy Wiikey2 w/Wii-clip v14 Eject Issue

    I did search around the forum and being a noob I wasn't able to determine a clear path forward in my situation.

    I have a D2E drive with no epoxy that I wanted to put a Wiikey2 in. However I am TERRIBLE at soldering so I decided to go with the clip.

    After carefully disassembling and reassembling I was able to install it however I forgot to put that Mario cardboard piece on after the clip was attached.

    Now, when I power it up and put in any disk it works fine for the first disk, however after I eject it, it will not let me insert another disk until it has been powered off and back on.

    Given that I am not home during the day and this is my 4 year old's toy, I have a WAF (Wife acceptance factor) that I am dealing with in that she doesn't want to have to do that and wants the WII put back or fixed to work properly. I have tried the double eject mentioned in a previous post and this doesn't work. Given that I don't want to solder this, is there anything else I can do to get the eject working?

    The WII already is running 3.4U and I did run the config/"ASGARD Core" disk which I believe found that it was already updated to 1.2 as it should.

    Lastly, when the wiikey2 and clip came they came pre-soldered with all pins attached. Per the instructions I cut the PCB to eliminate pins D-E-F as required for the D2E chip.

    Any thoughts would be great as the whole purpose of this mod was to allow me to backup my sons games and to save me time and money from having to replace games he scratches and I am doing neither right now.

    I plan on taking it back apart tonight to put in the cardboard to see if that helps, but I wanted to ask for any additional advice before I do that so I am not taking it apart twice.


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    they just do that -,_-, its been a known bug for ages

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    However.. I have installed several WiiKey2's and not yet have had that Eject Issue
    everyone is talking about.. perhaps i been lucky.. but again.. i install them by
    soldering them.. so perhaps that's why...

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    ^ it is a basicly only clip issue =\ atleast all cases ive seen

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    if your clips is genuine...remove it and refit it properly or repair it.....fixed our thefew we had with eject issues 100% so far

    Wiihacks Super Mod / Admin

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    No it is just an issue in general. I did like 5 D2E before I got my first stubborn drive. It happens even with soldered installs. As long as it only happens 1 in every 5 or greater I think it is acceptable. Less than that I think requires some playing around to improve.

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    So from the responses it appears that my clip is likely the issue.

    Just want to confirm a few things

    1 - When you have the clip pre-soldered with the mod-chip they tell you to "CUT using small scisors the traces marked D E F"

    I actually cut the CLIP it'self (except the last pin g) starting at the hole in the middle of the clip and working down.
    Did I interpret this properly?

    2 - From other posts it appears to be a grounding issue that causes this eject problem. I have no problem re-opening the case and adjusting, but I am curious if there is anything short of soldering a ground for the chip that I can do.

    Does anyone think that me installing that cardboard thing that comes with the clip will help? Like I said in the first post, I forgot to install it as I didn't see it in the directions on the page I was reading.

    In the end I am not looking to play import games, nor am I looking to download games from the internet. All I want to be able to do is backup my sons games and burn him a copy to play so that when he scratches (note, I said, WHEN, not if), I can easily replace it for the cost of a disk. If there is any easier way to do this I am all for that and open to suggestions.

    Thanks for your help!

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    So I felt ambitious today and re-opened the WII and decided that while I don't want to solder every connection, why not solder the ground to one of the alternate ground points.

    So I went ahead and soldered a wire from the ground on the wiiclip to the alternate ground point A.

    Once I did this I have had no eject issues !

    I will post a photo of the modification later this evening.

    The only weird thing is that when I put the asgard core disk in now it won't read it and it gives me an error and forces me to reboot.

    However, it is playing the burned copies just fine..
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    Congrats uuacallis,
    glad u got it working!

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    I soldered mine and have the problem.


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