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Thread: Wi-Fi + Wii + Modem

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    Wi-Fi + Wii + Modem

    I started looking into this a few days ago. My funds are limited, so I'm looking for a low cost solution.

    First about my setup.
    1) My PC is a desktop, with Windows XP SP3, Media Center Edition.
    2) I connect to the internet via a 56K USB Zoom Modem, that attaches via USB.
    3) My Wii is within 10-12 feet of the PC. I've been looking on Amazon at Wireless Adapters.

    I've found a couple that are within my price range. Both are by MediaLink. They have between 150mbps and 300mbps, and 802.11 with N/B/G , similar to the Wii's 802.11g. The manual for the 150 version says it has support for PSP/DS/Wii online gaming. Which looks promising.

    What I'm looking to find out, is whether I can connect to the Internet via my dialup modem, plug in the Adapter and access that connection, then broadcast it from the MediaLink to be captured by my Wii.

    I'm not looking for actual online gameplay. I know better than that. I'm primarily looking to access some of the simpler online features. Such as score boards for games like Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games, ghost and race data for Mario Kart Wii, and some DLC content for a few others.

    I think this could work, but the fact that I use a dialup modem is a concern. Here is the link to the 300mbps version so you can see the specifics regarding it. Medialink - 300 Mbps Wireless N USB Adapter - 802.11n, 2.4 ghz, Windows XP, Vista , 7 Compatible: Computers & Accessories

    If this setup wouldn't work, I'd appreciate someone that could help me figure out what I'd need. Changing my internet at home isn't really an option. Ignoring the monetary concerns, I live in a black hole where only dialup is an option. And I can't really afford to spend much. If I had to go with a wireless router, I found this one for only $20 on Amazon. Cisco Factory Refurbished Linksys E900 Wireless-N300 Router: Computers & Accessories
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    There used to be a device that plugs into a computer's USB to act like a wireless hotspot for DS and Wii, but that was discoutinued in 2007 or so. If you can still find one of those with drivers, it may work. It will use your computer's dial-up access as a source for the wifi signal that would get picked up by the Wii.

    No idea how easy it is to find one of those now.

    Is there no other way to get broadband to your home, where you can then use a cheap wireless router to connect to the broadband modem via ethernet to give yourself wifi in the home?

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    No. I'm in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia. All we can get up here is over the phone. Too far from the city, they don't run those type of lines out this far. The only other option for Internet would be over a satellite connection, but that's not an option.

    I think you are referring to the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB connector? That one was dropped for the Nintendo Wi-Fi Network Adapter, though they are like $50 apiece from what I've seen.

    I was hoping the MediaLink USB Adapter I linked would be able to use the Dialup Connection as a source, and then act as a transmitter to be picked up by the Wii.

    It shows it connected to a PC and broadcasting a signal. I'm just not sure where that connection would come from. If I needed a DSL or Broadband hookup to my PC for it to use the signal, or if it could use any internet signal coming into the PC.

    The MediaLink can act like a hotspot. It has two modes according to the manual.

    Station Mode: Serves as a wireless client to receive wireless signals from a wireless router, in order to access the Internet.
    AP Mode: Serves as an access point to transmit wireless signals and to allow other wireless clients to access the network.

    It seems to me that with the Wii's existing wireless adapter built in, it could act like the Station mode, to receive the signals, and the Medialink could be the Access Point to transmit those signals.

    Edit: I have been digging around all afternoon trying to find some information on this. There is a dialup router, but it is like $150, and comes with it's own modem. Way too much for what I want to use it for.

    I finally located this guide on Google.

    From what it says, I can just buy the Medialink adapter like I thought. Then setup my Dialup connection to allow other connections, which would be the wireless adapter. Then use IPConfig to get the information to put into the Wii, and it should allow me to get on and get all the score information I've wanted.
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    Setup a Linux box as a router to do NAT and then just attach an access point to it. You can probably do the same with Windows if its Internet sharing uses DHCP and not some funky MS only method.

    I suppose there's no 3G where you live. There's plenty of 3G capable wireless routers nowadays.

    Let me save you some time though. Apple's very first AirPort (maybe some later models too) had a built in modem. It's probably 80.11b only, but that hardly matters given you're sharing dial up, and the Wii's network throughput sucks balls even with the USB Ethernet adapter.

    I can't remember if you needed OS X to configure AirPorts since I never owned one. They should be dirt cheap on eBay since they're a decade old at this point.

    Apparently Apple's first AirPorts were redesigned Lucent RG-1000s. That's another router you might want to scour eBay for. It seems there's aftermarket firmware for it too.

    There's an RG-1000 on Amazon for $16.
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