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Thread: WiiFlow Not Showing All Games

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    WiiFlow Not Showing All Games

    Hi - I am using the latest version of Wiiflow (4.1) and I use wbfs manager to load the games on the hard drive. The problem I am having is all the games on the hard drive are not showing up. I saw a tip to delete folders for wiiflow on the sd and you have to redownload all the covers again. I did this and it worked, but I don't want to have to do this every time I add a game. Is there a fix for this? Why does this happen with wiiflow?

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    um Iv never heard of that
    have you pressed the home button while in wiiflow and reloaded the cashe, thats probly your issue. everytime you put a new game/s on a hdd you have to reload the cashe so wiiflow will see them, hope this helps out, cheers
    ps , Iv never had to delete any covers and re-download them , that makes no sence to me,, Iv been using wiiflow for years and has never let me down, only one I use

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    Thanks I will give this a try.

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    I'll give that a try too. Normally I have to go to delete "\\SD card\wiiflow\cache\lists\usb1_wii.db" to update game list.


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