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Thread: Should i homebrew\Scared of bricking

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    Question Should i homebrew\Scared of bricking

    Hi im new to homebrewing i got a wii for christmas this year and ive been wanting to softmod it ever since but im scared of bricking can anyone give me any pointers for first time softmodding i really dont want my wii to well... anyway all help apreiciated (bed spelling ftw) oh and (dr nick) hi everybody ps my wii' i believe is 2006 dont rly know its second hand anyway bye.

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    ^^^^^^^ Read both of these 3 time over for each, it will get you on your way, make sure you follow EVERY step to the letter and you cant mess things up, the best guide on the net in my opinion. Iv modded hundreds of wiis with no issues what so ever, just make sure you follow everything and you'll be just fine.

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