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Thread: Complete noob to Wii U, but have a question

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    Complete noob to Wii U, but have a question

    I just read that the Wii U cannot power External HDDs. It seems like it wouldn't be that difficult to mod a Wii U to provide sufficient voltage to power external harddrives, based on a few projects I've done in the past. Any one considered giving it a shot? I may once I pick up a Wii U.

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    You figure it out, let us know

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    Sure thing! Need to get my hands on a wii U first. Did the original wii output 5v on pin 1?

    I have a two ideas how to go about doing this mod. Should only cost about a buck for DIYers.

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    Hmm...tear apart my $350 console or use an externally powered HDD... seems like an easy decision to me.

    FYI I am using one of those usb powered HDDs on my Wii U, but I modded the USB cable. I split off the power (pins 1 and 4) and sent it to a spare usb cord, plugged into a 5v 1A USB cell phone charger. Presto, an externally powered USB drive lol.


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