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Thread: USB Loader GX customization

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    USB Loader GX customization

    I want to have all my nand / emunand channels on my wii, but I have a few issues:

    I want to hide some of them (USB Loader GX, weather, news, etc), and the ones that are missing pictures/cases, I was curious if I could manually assign these?

    Also, is there a way to organize them by whether or not they are wii, GC, nand, homebrew, etc?


    My ideal setup is to have my huge assortment of wii/GC/wiiware games all accessible from system menu, and never have to use system menu again. However, I also want it to be organized and pretty. I'm open to using other loaders too. May try out cfg and wiiflow soon.

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    Use the option of categories, friend. You can hide all the channels you want.

    Create categories of interest: Game Cube, Wii, Wiiware, Menu Channels, Homebrews ...

    Go in every one from games and associate they to a category.

    After this, disable the option "All", and select only the categories you want to appear.

    Sorry, my "engrish".
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