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Thread: USB loader help needed

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    USB loader help needed

    So just brought out my Wii afer being in a box a few months when we moved.
    But when i try to load a game using usb loader it does not find the drive.
    So any ideas what i can do?
    is it possible just to reload everything over the top?
    cheers in advance

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    Silly question... same drive that was attached and worked before? Try the other port (the most common fail by folks who've been away from the Wii for awhile) first...

    Edit: you posted this in the Wii-U newbie section, please be more mindful of where you post (thank you!)
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    sorry about wrong section.
    So tried both ports and nothing. also I know the drive works because I have 2 Wii's and the drive worked on the other box.


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