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Thread: Power button on remote not turning off/turning on wii

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    Power button on remote not turning off/turning on wii

    Something strange is happening with my softmodded wii. The power button doesn't turn off my wii when I hold it down, nor does it turn it back on. It puts it in this weird "standby" mode where I can't do anything except go up to the console itself, hold down the power button until it turns off, and then turn it back on. Also, the controllers never seem to go into standby, killing my battery life.

    Any thoughts/advice on this? Thank you very much in advance!

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    Not technically a "brick," but troubling enough to move to the Bricked Wii section. Good luck on your issue/problem, but you'll get better answers here than in the General Wii Talk section.

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    Appreciate it. So I think I fixed the wii standby issue by disabling standby within priiloader. However, it still seems like my controllers never shut off, whether in game, or in USB Loader GX.


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