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Thread: Does Fstoolbox 1.0 work on vWii (Wii U)? Is it preventive? Does it help if bricked?

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    Does Fstoolbox 1.0 work on vWii (Wii U)? Is it preventive? Does it help if bricked?

    WiiU/vWii How to make "NAND" backup - FAILTUBE LINK REMOVED

    Is this video reliable? Is it safe?

    Should I do it?

    Is there any other preventive I could do safely?

    I unlocked my vWii/Wii U (deluxe, updated) and I'm a little afraid of brick it. Until now it worked correctly. I followed this good tutorial:

    I also heard "Brick My Wii 3.0.1" can "prevent" the brick, blocking some types of operations. Can someone say something about it? If it's good to use the Pimp, and how to use.

    Thanks a million
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    You don't need to use either one. There is no reason to backup your nand on vwii, unless you have some need for those files to modify and such. It does not help prevent or fix bricks. What you do need is your nand keys, which you can dump with xyzzy. There is a modified version of xyzzy that uses ahbprot which will work with vwii. Don't use pimp my wii. You are welcome to dump your nand with fstoolbox, there is also a modified version for vwii, but it will not help to prevent or recover from a brick.
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    Youtube = FAILTube as far as the Wii is concerned. Pimp My Wii = Brick My Wii. Please refrain from outside links.

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