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Thread: Noooo! Disaster! Got internet connected now WiiWare/VC games freezing/don't work?!

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    Noooo! Disaster! Got internet connected now WiiWare/VC games freezing/don't work?!

    Ok, I had everything set up for my USB loader GX to run the few Wii game back ups I had, and then the WiiWare and VC. It was working just fine, even though I had to use the emunand from my SD. However, I never could the internet to connect.

    Finally got it working today by setting up the static IP correctly and such. There were some choices afterwards that I don't remember, and I worry I may have clicked something that has caused problems.

    Now... WiiWare usually loads, but freezes if try to press home button. No VC works, goes to black screen slightly after asking for the classic controller. The Wii wbfs file backs up of my games still work though, but for some reason the Smash Brothers asked for a Disc on startup. I feel I may have clicked something wrong...

    I was so close to my setup being nice and pretty with covers downloaded. Now things are even a bigger mess. Please... advise.

    Ok, I feel like a complete idiot right now, but I'm going to leave this post up in case someone else does the same newbish mistake.

    After downloading the covers for the games, there wasn't enough room in the SD card anymore. A few covers actually didn't download. What happens is that while the VC and WiiWare may partially load, apparently it DOES need space on the SD card to function. If it does not have any space, WiiWare will freeze on pressing the home button and VC games will freeze immediately after the request for putting in a classic controller.

    *humbly walks out of room*
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