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Thread: HBC Installation Question

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    HBC Installation Question

    I have already installed HBC once on my Wii, but erased it when I realized I had installed the wrong version for my firmware. I installed the 3.2u version when I had 3.3u. However, I now have 3.4u running. So is it true that I can't install the HBC it again?

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    when 3.4 came out, the twilight hack indeed didn't work anymore but there is a new version of it...simply download the 3.4 version of the twilight hack from here : Twilight Hack - WiiBrew

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    So it is possible to install the HBC twice on my Wii, even though I have already installed and erased it once?

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    There shouldnt be any issues, you have erased the wrong firmware version of HBC and you can run the 3.4 twilight hack version.

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    Okay, two more questions. I started up TLZ and it loaded the Twilight Hack how it normally does. No problems there. However, I look through several tutorials and found a couple things wrong with my Hack.....

    1. I have a version 0 copy of TLZ. But many people say for 3.4u firmware you should always use TwilightHack2, instead of TwilightHack1. Which do I use?

    2. Before the installation starts, the loader warns me that Hack is for
    Wii Menu(v22), and I have Wii Menu(v24). Again, many of the tutorials install anyway. Should I continue the installation too?

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    its to cover their a**

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    its to cover their a**

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    So I should install it or what?

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    thats your choice not mine


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