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Thread: Bricked Wii Wiikey2 Question

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    Bricked Wii Wiikey2 Question

    First off I have come to this site for a few years now, never post, but the wealth of information is awesome. So thank you for all the hard work.

    I have soft modded a number of Wii's using Mauifrogs soft mod guide. I have never had a bricked wii. I have never used a mod chip before, but I was looking for a used Wii to put in my spare bedroom and I came across this:

    Wii console with Wiikey2 Solderless chip. Needs NAND flash, currently not booting. $40.00 obo

    I emailed saying I was interested and the response i received asked if I wanted the wiikey with the wii. No other information is given.

    Is it possible to get this thing running again if I purchase this and follow one of the guides? Should I take the WiiKey? What is the best guide to follow?


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    Its quite plausible, i'd be inclined to ask them exactly what they have done to it to get it in this situation

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    Since it says that it needs nand flashing, I would assume that it does need nand flashing to fix it. So the question is does it meet the requirments for nand flashing, and do you want to pursue it. Now for the wii to be nand flashed it must meet one of the following, 1- be old enough to support boot2 bootmii installation, which can be determined by the serial number, 2- if boot2 bootmii can not be installed you must have the nand decryption keys, from a bootmii backup or other source. If boot2 bootmii can not be installed and you don't have the nand keys, you can not flash the nand. It would cost you about $60 to pay someone to do this for you, or you could buy the needed supplies and do it yourself. All in all, unless you looking for a project, it is probably not worth the effort.
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    Thank you for the replies. I did not end up buying it.


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