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Thread: Confused about Gamecube- Devolution vs Dios Mios

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    Confused about Gamecube- Devolution vs Dios Mios

    I have a a few gamecube games and right now I am still playing them straight from disc on my wii. I have been confused when reading about USB loading gamecube since I see a ton of outdated info and it seems this is a relatively recent developent in wii hacking.

    This is my understanding of things so hopefully someone will come along and confirm or correct me.

    1)There is Dios Mios Lite which plays games from the SD card slot on the Wii.
    2)There is Dios Mios which plays games from USB.
    3)You can only have one or the other.
    3)You have to use controller and memory card normally.
    4)These have USB loader support.

    (was there a time Dios Mios broke your ability to play retail games or that it required a disc to be in the wii while running? These are not requirements now are they? Currently it only breaks the ability to play back up gamecube discs is what I understand.)

    A)Devolution is an app that does not require messing with your Mios.
    B) It requires you to insert the retail disc in your wii one time.
    C)It has support for emulated memory card (and hopefully classic controller support at some point).
    D)It has USB loader support.

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    My understanding, what you said is mostly true.

    The only thing that I'd add for DM/DML is that some games can be played off of a virtual memory card (NMM-mode -- short for No More Memory, I think), but not all games are compatible with this feature. I still recommend playing with a memory card, though.
    [spoiler=Click Below for recommended Links]

    Download the latest:
    Latest Loaders CFG v70r65
    GX r1226
    WiiFlow 4.2.1
    Other downloads DM/DML 2.11

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    Virtual Memory card is the main feature that has me leaning towards Devoltuion. Then all I need to fetch is my Gamecube controller when I want to play. I am also seeing some claims that since it is running in Wii mode that the games run better. The only downside of it that I see people complaining about are the anti-piracy features built in to it which are not an issue for me.

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    In my experience Devolution's memory card is more compatible than DM's. I had 2 games that couldn't use NMM on Dios Mios but work perfect with (or without) Devolution's emulated memory card.

    You can always try both programs and see which one you like better, we have guides for both

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    Yeah I think I am going to follow your devolution guide...thanks


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