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Thread: How to download covers on PC then insert into USB Loader?

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    How to download covers on PC then insert into USB Loader?

    I'm trying to use Wii Game Manager to download all the covers for a couple of my wii game backups and put them into USB loader, and also hoping to do the same somehow for a few VC and WiiWare games from a previous Wii. (is it possible?)

    Here is the catch... the internet connection on my Wii simply does NOT work. Error 51330 every damn time, no matter what I seem to do. I've gone insane trying to set the damn thing up and I'm quite pissed at Nintendo for making it so hard to have a basic internet hookup. I remember the DS was frustrating but this is insane. That means I have to use my PC to download the covers.

    I honestly don't even know where to start on this. WiiFlow seems to be clear on the folders at least for the WFBS backups, but not the rest and not on USB Loader.

    Any ideas? :/

    (PS. If Anyone knows of a possible source for fixing this damn Error 51330, I'd be highly appreciative as well. It would save some real trouble, but I've almost given up hence just trying to use the PC for covers)

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    Are you talking about GX or CFG?

    GX has the image directories that it is expecting right in the "paths" option in the settings. CFG, I forget if that is "configurable", but if not, I can look around and tell you where the images are stored on my system so you can duplicate that.
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    Thanks. I figured there were expected paths for the images... didn't see many options so figred only way was to duplicate


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