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Thread: I have used Soft-mod ANY Wii but having trouble with WiiMC..

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    I have used Soft-mod ANY Wii but having trouble with WiiMC..

    the tutorial worked great, multiple ways to play my backup games but wiiMC refuses to load my movies from the usb..

    In the passed b4 I used the guide I had no issues..

    I would prefer loading my movies from usb because I really don't want to damage my originals

    I've obviously made a mistake somewhere.

    any Ideas?
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    I'm not sure what codecs or formats wiimc allows, but it's possible that your videos may be in a codec that wiimc doesn't know how to handle, so you may have to use a program such as Handbreak or XMedia Recode to convert the videos to an alternate format that wiimc would be able to use.

    If someone else has any ideas, go for it. But that's the first thing that pops into my head.
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    WiiMC plays virtually any video format. AVI works the best. It also plays MP4 and MKV etc. HD and Blu ray is not recommended for the Wii, you could also use Format Factory to convert HD and Blu ray video to medium quality format, just put it on your USB and play it with WiiMC


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