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Thread: Is it possible to play PAL virtual console games on NTSC Wii??

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    Is it possible to play PAL virtual console games on NTSC Wii??

    I'm dying to play some old Commodore 64 games, specifically Boulder Dash. PAL virtual console has them, but can they be played on an NTSC system? I've tried freethewads and Wiizle Diizle Shiizle with no luck.....can anyone confirm if its do-able or if I'm wasting my time???

    FYI...i have a wiikey2 and using 3.3U firmware.


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    yeah it's possible!

    simply download anyregionchanger (for example from here: Any Region Changer V 1.1 for the Wii - Nintendo-Scene) and change your video game mode + game region setting to PAL/Europe.

    i have a pal wii, but many NTSC channels and i use this programm to be able to use all channels....and before anyone asks, i know that you can make channels regionfree, but I'm too lazy :P

    btw. some channels/games only require changing the video mode and some will require changing video mode + game region setting.

    the internet channel (at least MY internet channel) even requires also changing the console area setting , which will cause a semi-brick!

    just try this out, it should work from NTSC to PAL too


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