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Thread: FS UK / England: Full Wii setup include Wode, Wii Fit, Remotes, Games and more.

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    Hi Guys,
    Hope you don't mind me posting this here.. looking for a good place to sell my Wii and places like eBay I don't think like modded consoles.

    110 + shipping or collection.

    Mint condition boxed Nintendo Wii console complete with professionally fitted Wode Jukebox add-on.

    Comes with:
    Wii Sports - in original slip card and mint
    Wii Fit and Wii Fit disc - boxed and mint
    Metroid Prime Corruption - boxed and mint
    Super Mario Galaxy - boxed and mint
    USB Ethernet adaptor compatible with the Wode - boxed and mint
    Wii Stand (though not needed with the Wode)
    2 mint condition Gamecube controller extension cables
    Sensor bar
    Wii Classic controller (replica but an exact replica and mint)
    Official Nintendo Wii component video cable.
    2 Wii remotes - MINT condition, 1 original size silicone sheath
    2 Wii Motion Plus with larger sheaths - one unopened and brand new, other MINT condition.
    2 nunchucks - mint
    3rd party Gamecube controller
    Wii Remote steering wheel brand new.
    Wii Zapper (Wii Remote gun shaped holder) - brand new and boxed.

    All items are in NEW condition.

    Wii has never been used by kids and comes from a pet and smoke free home.

    Also comes with a brand new/unread Wii operating manual and a brand new official Nintendo AV cable with SCART adaptor.
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