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Thread: USB Loader GX problems

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    USB Loader GX problems

    im new to forums so i apologize if im breaking any rules. i have had my wii successfully modded for the past 3 months, usb loader gx was working like a charm. however, today it wont read my usb anymore and ive been using the same one. i think it might be because i put in a disk game and the wii automatically updated the game i think but im not sure. ive tried completely turning off the wii then turning it back on, it is formatted (the usb) correctly for the usb loader to read. the wii has system menu 4.3. im just giving all the info i know so it is easier for you guys to know exactly what my problem is. if the problem is because of the update, how would i fix this problem?
    thanks in advance!

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    If you took an official update you killed your softmod. Do you still have the Homebrew Channel? If so, post s syscheck here in this thread (a how to guide is below in my sig)

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    sorry it took some time to get the syscheck, but if youre still willing to help here it is


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    Follow the softmod any wii guide

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    Thank you very much!


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