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Thread: Torrent question

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    Us Torrent question

    can i seed a torrent on a different torrent client,meaning that ive downloaded the files already.

    example i used vuze to download the files and there completed but i want to use Utorrent to seed them can this be done and if so please explain


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    I really think that you would be better to ask this question on the forums of the torrent site (who will have a faq section for you to read first) you want to upload it to........especially if you are going to use a private torrent site, as you will need to upload it to them and then download to the same location that you have it stored to get the hash key

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    so long as the torrent is completed you will be able to seed them with utorrent.

    even if the files were only partial, you should still be able to seed/leech with a different client so long as you only have 1 client open. so long as you don't have you client set to change the extension on incomplete files.
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