Basically I followed this guide
and was able to softmod a wii the first time. However when I did this on a second wii somewhere between the nand backup and me formatting my SD card for Step 2 the wii started blackscreening if I wanted to start up with this 1GB Kodak SD card. I was still able to complete step 2 by first turning on the wii and then inserting the SD card to get everything completed.

I'm not sure if I did something during the install bootmii as boot2 because I remember getting two questions and saying yes to both.

So after I finished softmodding the wii I started tesing things. A 128 MB micro sd card with SD card adapter works fine, a 32 MB SD Card works fine, a 2GB micro sd card with sd card works fine. When I try using this 1GB Kodak SD Card on a different wii it boots fine with it no issues.
On the wii I had issues with the sd card it doesn't boot with it when it is formatted, has a wii save file, formatted with sdcard formatter. No matter what is/not on it it won't boot if it's inside.

The Wii in question is a 4.3U white wii. If I need to find anything else out please let me know.
Any Ideas? Or should I just believe this is just a one wii thing... or just ignore it since it's a small capacity sd card in the first place
Mostly curious seeing this is the SD card I plan on softmodding if I ever have to again

Thanks for any insight you might have