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Thread: Dual partition question: how do I format to WBFS?

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    Dual partition question: how do I format to WBFS?

    I've searched the forum, I've Googled my bum off and I've read at least 17 tutorials. The problem is, I'm the newbest of all the newbs, and no matter how much I research an Google, I just can't grasp Wii softmodding in general. Miraculously, I did manage to softmod my Wii. So, I'm sorry if this question has been posted 2490 times before and I'm sorry if I'm very annoying to help.

    I'm trying to play games from my external harddrive. I know for sure the problem isn't in the Wii, because I've succesfully played a game from a USB-stick.
    I just followed a tutorial that resulted in creating a new partition on my drive of 30 GB. Under the tab 'file system' it says 'unallocated', which I've been told is exactly what I want. But I don't know what to do next. How can I format the 30GB thingy to WBFS?

    Additional info which I think is useful,
    The drive is NTFS, I'm using EasUS Partition Master Home Edition and the only jargon phrase I know in the above text is NTFS.
    Also, I'm sure there'll be info you guys need to help me that I haven't given, so lemme know. I'll Google what it is and where I can find it.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Wii Backup Manager

    However WBFS is obsolete now that usb loaders like usb loader cfg can interact with NTFS.

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    Wbfs manager 3.0 or just leave it as ntfs and use wii backup manager

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    I'd suggest formatting the entire drive as a single FAT32 primary (not logical) partition for the most compatibility with other applications that may want to use the hard drive and cannot read NTFS.

    Click Below for recommended Links

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    I think Wii backup manager will format your drive to WBFS if you want but I agree with above, I have tried WBFS, FAT32, and NTFS and would recommend FAT32.

    I just helped a friend use NTFS and it's annoying how certain things won't work from NTFS, but I did him that way because he had a huge NTFS formatted hard drive that he had a bunch of other stuff on and I didn't want to risk erasing his stuff trying to format it or spend the time doing that.

    When I first started hacking the wii I got confused too because, even on this site, there are so many guides and many say things that were true at the time but became obsolete. Always look at how old the stuff you are looking at is (and also when the last time a first post was edited).
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