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Thread: Slowdowns/Lag in Zelda Ocarina of Time VC with softmod wii + dios mios 2.6

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    Slowdowns/Lag in Zelda Ocarina of Time VC with softmod wii + dios mios 2.6

    I have softmodded wii, it has also Dios Mios 2.6
    Today i got Ocarina of time from Wii Shopping channel, Installed it and wanted to start playing but it seems kind of laggy :/ Slowdowns here and there, especially on cutscenes. I have checked some videos on YouTube and it seems like this game doesn't work like that...

    Someone might point me to what is wrong O.o?

    BTW. I have also noticed, though it might just be me, that the game is less laggy when I switch my console to 50hz mode instead of 60mhz.
    (The game is PAL)

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    We do have guides on DM. I suggest you use that search box in the upper right corner. There are several. READ the entire guide, because I suspect you haven't followed one of them. Only after fully reading, post your question within whichever guide you opt to follow. Please refrain from making needless threads when it pertains to something we have guides on.

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    If he bought the game from Wii Shop, then it should be launched from Wii Menu like normal, and the existance of DM wouldn't matter. Or is there something else that he isn't telling us?

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