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Thread: Help with USB loader GX

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    Help with USB loader GX

    Hi. I've been following this guide to allow me to play games off an external hard drive: External Link Removed
    However, although I have backed up my games onto my hard drive, when ever I try to play them off it I just get sent back to the Homebrew channel. Can anyone help?
    I'm on a 4.3E wii, hacked using letterbomb. I followed the guide exactly, although I used the newest version of DOPMii.
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    Don't post external guides as it is against the rules.

    The problem is likely that you followed a guide that is incomplete or out-of-date. Check the "Softmod Any Wii" guide in my signature and follow it in its entirety. Don't do anything else the guide doesn't tell you to do. Do not format, do not delete anything. Take your system as-is and follow the guide.

    If you still have problems after that, then reply and we'll go from there.
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