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Thread: Code to read GameID

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    Code to read GameID

    Where might I find code/DLL/etc to read GameID from Wii ISO and/or Gamecube game images?

    Looks like one option is to use wit command line tool and parse its output. Example: wit dump --show intro mygame.iso
    Still would be nice to know of code is out there to do this as well.
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    Can't you just use wii backup manager to view the Game ID

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    I am thinking of writing a script to go thru my gamecube games folder and add covers and rename folders to append game title to it. Its very difficult for me to go thru 40+ images and determine which ones I have not yet copied to my USB drive.
    Wii Backup Tool is great and I use it. But there is no good tool for Gamecube.


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