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Thread: Tons of problems and errors (-1 error and 324)

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    Unhappy Tons of problems and errors (-1 error and 324)

    I really need your help in order to get rid of my errors.
    Before writing this post I tried to search in the forum but I did not find anything helpful to me.
    I'll try to be as clear as possible.
    Please feel free to ask me if you don't understand something.
    I purchased an EUROPEAN Nintendo Wii some days ago, I updated the firmware from 3.3E to 3.4E.
    I, then, realized that I need 3.2E firmware in order to play backup games (my aim is to play backup NTSC and PAL games, dunno if it is possible or not) so I followed this videoguide in order to downgrade my Nintendo Wii:
    [ame=]YouTube - Downgrade wii firmware WORKS WITH 3.4! part 1[/ame]
    Every step went fine with the exception of IOS51 Shop (or something like that) that kept giving me an error.
    Anyway I have a 3.2E now (can see it on my settings page)
    I then installed CIOS Installer and Backup Launcher Gamma 3.
    Unfortunately my games did not load and gave me a 324 error. I tried to burn with different speed and on different dvds with no success.
    I read that this error could be a CIOS error so I uninstalled my CIOS that was IOS249 or something like that.
    After the unistall, in Backup Launcher Menu I can see IOS 36 but NO CIOS at all.
    The fact is that... after uninstalling this CIOS I keep getting errors EVERYWHERE!
    I'm not able to install a CIOS anymore (tried CIOS 36 and 37 with NO success).
    I format my SD card and now I'm not able to install any kind of wads.
    I'm not even able to install Wad Manager.
    I don't understand what to do...
    How can things can go so bad here?
    Can you give me some hints in order to solve this problem?
    What CIOS do I need to install on a 3.2e firmware anyway?

    Thank you in advance from the bottom of my heart!
    Can you please tell

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    Any kind of help?!

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    Did you install DvDx ?
    Here to help in anyway shape and or form (or at least try, ive been out of the wii scene for quite a while)

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    Yes, I installed DvDX.
    I tried to install it again after deleting that CIOS with no success.
    Any idea?
    Do you think that, deleting Homebrew Channel and re-installing it together with Twilight Hack will solve my problems?
    Thanks in advance.

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    I'm not sure the following will work or not but seems you don't have much other options.

    Uninstall the wads you had installed.
    Delete Backup Launcher Gamma 3 and HBC and other channels you might have installed.
    Start all over again from install HBC. Make sure you'll use a proper version of Zelda TP hack file for frimware 3.2.

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    Make sure u use -R dvds, that fixed the 324 problem for me.

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    try to play SSBB, Metroid, Super MAiro Galaxy, Mario Kart, once more.... see if the wii behave like before.

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    if i used the 3.4 th then lowngraged to 3.2 do i have to re-install the th for 3.2 ???my backup launcher and dvdx wont work now but wads do??


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