View Poll Results: How should I structure this sd card for games and homebrew?

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  • Format the entire things NTFS (if possible): Homebrew + WBFS folder

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  • Format the entire thing FAT32 (if supported), use WBFS folder, & ditch large games

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  • Partition the Card 1gb FAT16 & rest NTFS + WBFS folder

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  • Pushaw. I have a better solution, Look at the comments!

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Thread: Can I use an NTFS sd for homebrew + Games or is there another solution?

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    Can I use an NTFS sd for homebrew + Games or is there another solution?

    Currently I use a fat16 1gb us card for homebrew, apps, etc.
    I use a usb drive formatted NTFS and throw all my games in a WFBS folder to use usbloader.
    (I don't use WBFS manager or anything because it just can't get it to format and access my usb drives properly.)
    I'm formatted NTFS because some of my rips are over the 4gb file size limit of fat32

    Now, I got a 32gb sd card because I need to take my usb external drive.
    What are my options for playing my games off this card AND putting all my homebrew stuff on it?

    • Can I format the card NTFS and keep the homebrew stuff on there as well as the WBFS/*.wbfs folder ?
    • Can I create 2 partions, 1. FAT16/32 & 2. NTFS and access both simultaneously to play games?
    • Does the wii support a FAT32 sd card for sure, and maybe I can just format the entire card that, have the folder /WBFS/*.wbfs & ditch my large games?
    • Other solutions? (also maybe why I can't get WBFS manager to format my card and if there's a better solution.) However, I really like pc access and drag&drop.


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    We recommend FAT32 for everything here. If your rips are larger than 4GiB, you can use a game manager on the computer or just rip them directly from the original disks using your USB loader.
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