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Thread: Hacking An Off-Brand Wii Balance Board

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    Hacking An Off-Brand Wii Balance Board

    I purchased a wii balance board from the manufacturer "Hama". Supposedly it's completely Wii compatible. I can't test that (I have no Wii). My intention was to use it as a wireless scale/balance instrument. Anyway, I tried several programs to connect with that board. An android app crashes when I press the red button behind the battery cover... CWiid offers the functionality to connect with the balance board, it seems to do at least something, but not exactly works either (unknown device, also the status dict is all zeros...).

    The only success I had was with lightblue python library in that I am sometimes able to use "lightblue.findservices" to discover a Nintendo device (and yes, the balance board is the only nintendo bluetooth device I have).

    Any suggestions? What are the exact steps to synchronize a board? My process with the red button and the other one isn't very reliable, so I am probably missing something there. I can't access the socket either. in sync mode (blue LED blinking) it's refusing connections, any time else the host is down...

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    As this had nothing to do with a Wii U, moved the post out of the Wii U section.

    As for answering your question, sorry. I can't help you there.

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    I changed the thread title a bit as well, to make it more apparent what OP's after.


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