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Thread: Which xbox should i buy?

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    Hi, I am thinking of buying an Xbox 360, but I want to play as a played my nintendo Wii: with game backups so that my little brother doesn't Ruin the disks.
    I also do not want to be banned from Xbox Live because I really would like to play FIFA 13 and other online games on my Xbox. Is there a specifics Xbox that I should be looking for?

    I've been searching around the Internet but to no avail.

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    If you're playing online, and want to back your discs up, get a unit w/ a built in hard drive. You can move games to the drive, so all content will be available on the drive. Catch is you need the disc to launch. Using any kind of mod w/ xbox live is at best, risky. You might be able to use it for other titles, but not anything you play online. The drive in my xbox is one of the newer ones (Liteon 1175 I think) that doesn't yet (last I checked) the requisite pieces to do a successful mod. I was looking at the x360key a few months back and decided it wasnt a reasonable avenue to pursue.

    I'm sure you'll get differing opinions, in my case, I opted to leave it stock. And I think (besides mrs blu's iphone 5) it's the only stock device in my house.


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    If you mod the XBox, you take a risk. The firmware hack a la Jungle Flasher can be done. Regardless, it's still a risk. Even taking the most cautious approach and knowing full well everything you could learn, there's still a risk of an eventual ban of the console. There are other offline options, of course. If you're not a techy and not well-versed as to specifics of XBox proper backup techniques (AP2.5, DAE.bin silent update, XGD2/XGD3 protections), don't even bother.


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