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Thread: Newbie Help Please

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    Newbie Help Please

    Hey all i did the softmod wii hack last week seems to have worked fine. last night i went into USb loader gx updated my covers then went to play a game it loads to the setting/play i hit play screen then flashes the warning wii remote screen then black have to reset the wii I tried to use wiiflow loaded and the game played fine

    some info
    i have a wii 4.3 U
    i got some games that are pal format
    wiiflow has a regional patch opp. which i set the games for that

    is there a setting in usb loader for a for a regional patch and b4 u say just use wiiflow i like to look of usb loader gx

    thanks for your help

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    There are settings per game that you can set video output to force NTSC in GX. See if that helps?
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    Latest Loaders CFG v70r65
    GX r1226
    WiiFlow 4.2.1
    Other downloads DM/DML 2.11

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    Ok i will try that when i get home ty

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    Thanks bro it worrked


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