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Thread: Black out on Exit to Sys.Men.

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    Black out on Exit to Sys.Men.

    I have several games that are blacking out when I press Home and Exit to system menu.
    Example: Naruto Shippuden 3 European Edition "PAL"

    One of this games does not even boot for example Samurai Warrior 3 "NTCS".

    They are all in .wfsb format.

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    What region is your Wii and TV? What loader are you using? Do the original disk work correctly? Have you tried re-ripping the games? What format is your drive in? And post sysCheck as well (there is a link in my sig to a guide if you don't know how).
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    Black Wii 3.4 softmod with 'softmod any wii guide'
    Samsung 55' 1080p American bought at Costco
    I have tried USB LOADER, WII FLOW & CFG Loader
    Disk works correctly when in console
    USB back up Loads perfectly without any glitches
    I've re-ripped the game 2 times
    Drive has been formatted like in the tutorial in this website



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