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Thread: Help With Some Updating

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    Exclamation Help With Some Updating

    Hey everyone,
    I'm sort of a newbie here and I need some help. I've managed to downgrade my Wii firmware to 3.2 and have installed The Homebrew Channel, Homebrew Launcher and many WAD files. I've been wondering if can update my Wii Shop Channel, Mii Channel, and Nintendo Channel without losing the 3.2 firmware of messing uo any of my homebrew. Also, when I launch the Nintendo Channel, it tells me to update the channel by going into the Wii Shop Channel and installing the lastest version. Is this safe for me? Is there any way to update all my Channels without losing my 3.2 firmware or messing up the homebrew?
    Any Help Would Be Greatly Appreciated

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    or you can just use the homebrew apps and get it, but you can do it, youll just lose the power of some HBC apps


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