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Thread: Wii Error

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    Unhappy Wii Error

    After I started using my usb loader on my wii, whenever I wanna exit to the homepage from a game or something the wii apparently somehow disconnects from my tv, even though it shows that its still open because I can see the green light on the wii itself, and everytime I want to fix this I'd have to turn off the wii by removing the plug from electricity and turn it back on, I wanna know whats going on and why is the wii diconnecting from my tv? please help or illustrate a specific way of fixing it, thank you!

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    Post a syscheck so we can see what's inside it. Directions are in one of my signature links.

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    Sounds like a Priiloader setting. what you got it set to boot in to and exit to.

    EDIT: llaffer, i read your post in my email time 16:50pm but it still hasn't shown up in the forum and its now 21:10pm (where i am anyway).

    When they say homepage i think they mean system menu. It hangs when exiting from a game or game loader ? Maybe they installed the wrong boot.dol and it tries forwarding to a loader that aint there (or no boot.dol installed). Its worth checking Priiloader to see if its set to exit to system menu.

    EDIT2: llaffer, i guess you deleted your post and thats why it hasn't shown up. Wonder if the OP will be back. I guess we will never know what the issue was.
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