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Thread: Min requirement for softmod & can certain Wii's NOT be softmod'd?

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    Min requirement for softmod & can certain Wii's NOT be softmod'd?

    I have just softmodded my 4.2e Wii for use as a media streamer. Works perfectly and I would now like to add another 5 to the kids bedrooms ;-) When purchasing secondhand Wii's is there anything I should ask (software version etc) to ensure that I can softmod them? Will there be any that can't be modded for some reason?


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    You need to make sure the sd card slot is working and that is about all

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    The only Wiis (when in proper working condition) that cannot be modded are the newest model released in Nov 2012 that was only released in Canada (to my knowledge) -- the Wii Mini.

    No SD card slot = no modding.

    All other Wiis can be modded as long as all of the hardware is functional.
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    I Prefer the one's made before 2008, as you can install Bootmii as boot2, and they have the early sort DVD drive so you can use it as a DVD player, game ripper and play data discs. I also like them for playing Gamecube games from DVD. You can get several Gamecube games on one disc. The only downside to having the early sort DVD drive is that they can struggle to read dual layer DVDs.


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