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Thread: Dios Mios Lite game issue.

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    Dios Mios Lite game issue.

    I have recently backed up my Lost Kingdoms II copy into my SD card, and am trying to play it using DML. At first, the game ran without a problem, and i was able to get to around 50% of the game just fine. Due to an accident my Wii was shut down abruptly, and after turning it back on and trying to replay, the problems started right away. For instance, whenever i try to get into any stage, the music of that particular stage won't load at all (Which leaves me with just SFX, in other words). Furthermore, if i try to load another save i have within the game, the screen just goes black, and i am forced to reset my Wii. This is unusual, as both of these issues are now present even if i try to start a new game.

    I have also tried playing another GC game i have on my SD (F-Zero GX), athough it seems to work flawlessly.

    I have already tried to uninstall and install both Dios Mios Lite 2.6 and RVL-BC-6.wad, updating to the latest version of CFG USB Loader, and ultimately reinstalling the game, but none of these seem to be helping out, so any help that i could get would be greatly appreciated.

    I'm using the default settings for loading the game. SD Card is a 4 GB SDHC Kingstom Micro SD. If any more details are needed, please let me know.

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    How about A. You follow a guide (believe or not, we have'em here); B. Only AFTER following a guide if issues, you post in said guide?


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